Help support our community, and get some perks!

Become a VIP by donating to Rustralis! This helps us to cover costs of running our servers, and as a reward you get all of these perks!

Free 7 day TrialDonation (with VIP)

VIP (one server)

1 year ($50)

VIP+ (all servers)

1 year ($100)

Skip the queue

No waiting the in queue should all the boys come to the yard

Colored name in chat

Flex your awesomeness with VIP colored name in game chat

/kit vip

Redeemable once per wipe on each server and includes Jackhammer, Chainsaw (with low-grade fuel) and a Supply Signal

Early map access

Get notified of upcoming maps prior to wipe in our VIP only discord channels, so you can plan your next move

+ on Modded Servers


Access all game approved skins plus others chosen by our VIPs with Skinbox


Load your custom images to signs from a remote URL with Sign Artist


Split up ores into equal stacks when you put them into furnaces

Extra Backpack

Access all available backpack slots (7 rows).

JPipes (/p)

Pipes that automatically transfer items between boxes, furnaces, turrets, quarries & more

Double Rewards

Earn 2x Reward Points (RP) while playing on the server