Help support our community, and get some perks!

Become a VIP by donating to Rustralis! This helps us to cover costs of running our servers, and as a reward you get all of these perks!

Free 7 day TrialDonation (with VIP)

VIP (one server)

1 year ($50)

VIP+ (all servers)

1 year ($100)

Early map access

Get notified of upcoming maps prior to wipe in our VIP only discord channels, so you can plan your next move

Colored name in chat

Flex your awesomeness with VIP colored name in game chat

Skip the queue

No waiting the in queue should all the boys come to the yard

+ on Modded Servers

These additional perks are applicable on Modded servers only.


Access all game approved skins plus others chosen by our VIPs with Skinbox


Load your custom images to signs from a remote URL with Sign Artist


Split up ores into equal stacks when you put them into furnaces

Extra Backpack

Access all available backpack slots (7 rows).

Pipes (/p)

Pipes that automatically transfer items between boxes, furnaces, turrets, quarries & more

Double Rewards

Earn 2x Reward Points (RP) while playing on the server

/kit vip

Redeemable once per wipe on each server and includes Jackhammer, Chainsaw (with low-grade fuel) and a Supply Signal